Ancient Hybrid Encounters

Hybrid goats and humans

There are few eyewitness accounts in the past hundred years referring specifically to types of hybrid humans only previously considered as part of ancient Greek mythology. Satyr related sightings like the Lake Worth Monster and Maryland Goatman are eerily reminiscent in description of typical characters played in Greek play-write Aeschylus' masterpieces. Unlike Greek mythologies, modern Satyrs aren't reported to be carrying instruments or playing music, although habitats and physical characteristics do seem to match up.

Aside from a a few encounters, half man half goat creatures occasionally show up in mainstream movies and cartoons, maintaining their typical surreal presence over the years. While some are portrayed as peaceful music loving hybrid spirits of nature, their cloven hooves meet association commonly with the devil and his minions as popularized by Shakespeare, being a sign of evil themselves accompanied with horns. Goats are known for extraordinary climbing abilities, reaching areas where humans may never set foot even as an accomplished rock climber.

A great example of goat death-defying feats can be found at the Cingino Dam, Italy. The Alpine Ibex living here have adapted to scale a 160 ft. near vertical man-made structure without really breaking a sweat. In fact, most of the Ibex at Cingino appear comfortable and safe, likely because they know predators can't reach them. Traits of Ibex, and other fantastic climbing goats, fall into a category of abilities which humans definitely would enjoy sharing. Imagine being able to climb sheer cliffs effortlessly, maintain stable footing no matter the terrain, and carry forth a respectable set of defensive horns, all while retaining many benefits of being human.

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