Misignwa Legend of Mothman

Shawnee history describes how the Mothman might be a combination of two different stories. Legend of Misignwa proposes the existence of a spirit protecting animals in the forest who watches hunters to see if they're being disrespectful to nature. Hunters who are disrespectful would have accidents at the hand of the Misignwa. Traditionally this spirit resembles Bigfoot more than it does Mothman by looking at ceremonial dress used during the Bread Dance; The dancer wears a full bearskin, wood mask, and holds a turtle shell rattle cane to commemorate. However, the principal message of Misignwa legend does suggest a spirit of the forest may have been responsible for the accident at Silver Bridge, if per say hunters were disrespectful in Point Pleasant. Interestingly, this indeed might be the case. In the 1950s, Mason County Courthouse was demolished and Chief Cornstalk's remains were unearthed, likely disrupting slumber of a chief who fought until the very end for the peace of his people.

Another Shawnee legend referring to Mothman sightings of Point Pleasant may be derived from the story of White Hawk, which by a little imagination may fit the profile of Mothman to greater degree than Misignwa. In this legend, an Indian by the name of Waupee lived in the forest alone, he became intrigued by the Star Chief's daughter who lived high up in the sky. They had a child together, but the child was brought to live in the sky instead of in the forest with Waupee; He terribly missed her and his son.

One day the chief gave Waupee an option to live in the sky, but first Waupee was required to pass a test involving gathering bits of animals of the forest. The chief said for each of the family to choose a part of an animal for that is what they'll become. Star Chief's daughter, Waupee, and their son all chose a white hawk's feather instead, to descend back to the forest. The legend then explains the families of the white hawks continue to live in the forest. Perhaps residents of Point Pleasant witnessed apparitions of White Hawks during the events leading up to the collapse of the Silver Bridge.

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