Premonitions and Near Death

Consciousness lives on

These concepts define us as human, define us as something beyond simplistic day to day survival, and are rooted deeply inside our spiritual existence. We have been given these gift and it would be a shame not to explore each one to its fullest perceivable potential. Life could easily exist outside of Earth by mathematics alone; It would be a waste of space otherwise, as Carl Sagan would assure us. The same applies to how we see life on an everyday basis. If we think our consciousness ends when we die, then it sure would be a waste of spiritual intelligence.

Perhaps life moves to alternate realms at death, and the event of dying happens in a way which signifies our transfer of energy into another dimension. Near death experiences have gathered a name for themselves as many thousands of people find this mysterious existence each year. They report euphoria, calming sensations, out of body experiences, tunnels of purely white light, psychic phenomena, and much more. For what reason? Science can track these events down to how electricity is manipulated in the brain, how it may tamper with memories, and alter people's personalities. Yet right now, it cannot tell us from a spiritual perspective what the events truly mean or why they change lives so profoundly. Often thoughts of NDE's are reminder to some of how they once caught a glimpse into the future and learned how life might be for them in years to follow.

Premonitions can be shocking at first when trying to deal with their ground shaking, anxiety building significance. For years they may seem purely as coincidences until it happens more and more, in ways which tell the mind, this is the truth of reality - For what's been seen, is now happening. In a few cases people who experience near death scenarios do report the presence of otherworldly beings with no real understanding of what they mean. Personal interpretations of these situations will touch upon spiritual belief, claiming the unknown entities must be part of the afterlife in some way.

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